There was a time when Haiti was known as The Pearl of the West. At Byas & Leon, we believe that it can be so again.


Established in 2013 by founders Rony Byas & Harvey Leon, our contribution to this belief may not be grand, but we do our part; in the way that each one of our shirts is hand-crafted on the island nation by Haitian artisans, timeless and unique. And the way in which those artisans are paid an honest living wage that they can truly build a future with.


Also, gender identity is not binary; it should be a distinction made on a personal/individual level...not a societal one. This is an ongoing social issue we've decided to add our weight to, and as such, Byas & Leon is for anyone who values a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic, twinned with social responsibility…who believes in craftsmanship and the arts, with due homage & respect paid to the artisans and craftsmen.


There is much to be done in Haiti; of that there is no doubt. But at Byas & Leon, we believe that every little bit matters, every little step counts. We know that Haiti was once the Pearl of the West...and together with your help, it will be so again.

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