The unisex Renaissance Coat is deserving of it's name not just for it's originality, but for what it represents. Continuing with our tradition of hand-made apparel, Season III we've taken it a step further; this is the first time our Tailors have ever made a coat, possibly the first in all of northern Haiti. So what this coat truly represents is an expansion of consciousness & skill-set; in and of themselves enormous triumphs for our Artisans and for Haiti. Limited to only 50 coats, each with a numbered coin in antique brass, timeless & unique. Sewn from top to bottom with vintage sewing machines that require foot peddling to operate (no electrical power), and constructed with robust 14oz laundered denim / lion-faced buttons in detailed brass / curduroy collars and wrist cuffs, this rugged yet contemporary coat is an excellent addition to any connoisseur's collection.  

The Renaissance Coat

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  • 100% laundered denim fabric for the body, 100% corduroy overlays at the collar & wrist cuffs. Buttons made of brass. Dry cleaning is preferable, but machine wash (cold) and tumble dry (delicate) is possible.


    *Every coat is individually hand cut/sewn & unique. As such, slight variances in fit will apply.*