Byas & Leon Sustainable Residency Program

As Byas & Leon has evolved, environmental responsibility has taken on greater and greater importance - especially considering that our business is intimately tied to the textile industry - an industry rife with practices that have significant environmental ramifications. To that end The Byas & Leon Shoppe only provides apparel and items categorized as “sustainable”, but we now endeavor to create an educational series - analyzing the intimate relationship between global warming, climate change, sustainability, all their derivatives and root causes, and investigating techniques/strategies on how to become a more sustainable community.

Objective: The Byas and Leon Shoppe is looking to host an established or burgeoning sustainability expert/specialist (based in NYC) that will aid in the creation and facilitation of the aforementioned sustainability educational series and associated workshops.

Requirements: The Sustainability Specialist in Residence will be expected to:

  • Work with the core Byas & Leon Team to create the “curriculum” (subject matter and presentation onto slides, etc)

  • Suggest curriculum roll-out, time frame and frequency of events

  • Suggest other curriculum-appropriate sustainability experts/specialists/consultants to invite to certain parts of the Series and initiating contact with them

  • Work with the core Byas & Leon Team to create curriculum-appropriate “workshops” to compliment subject matter

Resident Benefits: The Sustainability Specialist in Residence will receive and have access to:

  • Use of the Shoppe space for non-series related endeavors at no cost

  • Creative consultation from core Byas & Leon team for non-series related endeavors

  • Full AV/Technical support for Series and non-series related endeavors

  • Shoppe-wide discount on all merchandise for duration of the partnership

  • Use of the Byas & Leon name and business as a professional reference

Duration: Four event minimum agreement (frequency of events TBD) with potential for extension.

If you feel you’re right for this endeavor, please email your credentials (resume, cover letter and references if available, etc) to and we’ll be in touch :)