It began with a vision.


A vision to empower the artisans of our native Haiti - pay them a thriving wage, create beautiful lasting wares...contribute to the restoration of our country and her people. Adorn some beautiful souls in our creations, create a lasting network - a family.



During the following 6 years, we did exactly that:

But why stop there?

Byas & Leon was essentially founded on a belief in universal human rights. And as we looked to expand & evolve, the need for a space that catered to Fair Trade endeavors like our own became clear...but even Fair Trade wasn't enough. Because in catering to human rights, we also acknowledged our collective responsibility to the Earth.


Make it fashion, make it beautiful - but make it ethical, fulfilling, and sustainable too. 


Thus The Byas & Leon Shoppe was born:

A boutique providing only ethical and sustainable wares, in all its forms: Fair Trade and Zero Waste brands, hand-made items from Independent Creators, and curated Vintage from around the world.

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Our own little piece of the pie right here in Brooklyn - the borough our parents first touched base in from Haiti, ready to start a new chapter. Almost 30 years later, their sons are starting chapters of their own, in Brooklyn once again. Funny how that works :) We're leading with thoughts/actions of collective responsibility, legacy, community - but most of all with Love. 

For the present and future, for the Earth...and for you :)

Yours Truly,

Byas & Leon